In partnership with Trimo, CIS delivers original and complete solutions for building envelopes, steel constructions and modular space solutions.

Trimo prides itself on meeting or exceeding the expectation of all its customers, which is why the 
company has built a business proposition around providing complete solutions rather than just products. 
We will take your idea and work together through to design and production and on to assembly and service. 
Our technical consulting service is on-hand at all project stages as we endeavour to provide only 
the best and most appropriate solution tailor-made for you. 

 Our Products Meeting the varied requirements of today’s construction industry is a challenge in 
itself as only those companies that can innovate and move rapidly survive. Over the years Trimo’s portfolio of 
products has grown and developed in tune with market requirements to present one of the most 
modern and comprehensive ranges of construction solutions anywhere.

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