Social / affordable homes

Irrespective of the outcome of the EU referendum, it won’t stymie the acute demand for social / affordable homes. 

The shortfall in achieving the Government’s targets seems to carry over year on year, so, you would think the market would be clamouring for an alternative solution; a product that can be manufactured quicker than traditional buildings while still ticking all the boxes in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.As a company specialising in the provision of pre-fabricated structures, we of course very much hope this proves to be the case, and yet a recent article in ‘Construction Manager’ magazine claimed that more than half of housebuilders say the role of modern methods of construction (MMC) will remain static over the next three years, despite the high demand for new housing.Indeed, some 51% of respondents to a survey by the NHBC Foundation - which spoke to 135 housebuilders and housing associations - said they expected no growth in MMC or offsite manufacturing, and 3% believe it will actually decline!Neil Smith, Head of Research & Innovation at NHBC, said: 

“This report shows the high hopes invested in MMC, as a means of delivering transformational change to the house-building industry, have not yet been realised on the scale anticipated by its champions.”

Posted by Andrew | 30th September 2016