High quality off-site construction

I recently read that “off-site methods of construction are experiencing a terrific renaissance and shedding the negative preconceptions of being a temporary solution, shifting instead to high-quality structures with the same – if not better – longevity than other methods of construction. The speed, quality and efficiency of modular manufacturing is proven as a more cost-effective solution, with the added advantage of greatly reduced labour costs.”

If you’re in the modular industry it’s a terrific piece of ‘slap on the back’ journalism, but if this is true, why then are clients not queuing up at the gates of all the modular companies out there, insisting on being served? For too long now, traditional construction is considered as the norm, closely followed by a timber-frame solution, but there’s still an awful lot of work involved in making a modular option an obvious one, as opposed to an after-thought.CIS are committed to promoting off-site construction as the solution to many new-build projects. It’s a challenge, but one we’re grasping with both hands!

Posted by Andrew | 30th September 2016