PreCISion Homes launch

Finally, some good news reported by the Government – having announced that innovative ideas have to be adopted to meet the housing crisis, the key policy makers look set to advise organisations and authorities across the country have to consider modular construction. 

Indeed, critical government ministers and departments seem to be educated about ‘prefab’ (although I wish they wouldn’t use this particular terminology, as it only acts as an unwarranted reference to schemes of the past) and appear to be including an off-site solution in their plans to meet the colossal house building targets over the coming years. 

Timely then that we are on the verge of launching our own bespoke pre-assembled housing units, under the PreCISion Homes brand. Based on a structural steel frame, we are hugely confident our product will grab the attention of local authorities, housing associations and developers alike, especially when completion times from delivery are counted in a small number of weeks.

Finally, there’s a fantastic opportunity for off-site methods of construction to experience a terrific renaissance and shed the negative preconceptions of being a temporary solution, leaving the well-documented issues of ‘prefab’ units in the past, where they belong!

Posted by Andrew | 8th November 2016