Revolutionary approach

Our homes are precision engineered

Brick, render, timber and cementitious weatherboard are all easily achievable options on the outside and almost anything is possible on the inside. 

Our approach 

Compared to conventional on-site building methods, our revolutionary approach can reduce the overall project delivery time by up to 50%. Assembled in a quality-controlled factory environment, the programme risks associated with traditional building in the UK’s unpredictable climate are virtually eliminated and the cost savings associated with spending less time on site can be substantial.

Quality and Style

Although we insist on providing the highest quality, we will not compromise on style. Our homes are precision engineered and built to last, meeting or exceeding current statutory requirements and with virtually no limits to the internal fittings or external finishes.

Bespoke design and flexibility

Our standard structure incorporates full span floor construction which means internal walls do not have to
bear any structural load so can go wherever you want them or, if you prefer, you can opt for open plan living - the only constraint on your imagination is the accessibility of your site. It all adds up to a completely flexible and bespoke approach to meeting your requirements, providing a stunning housing solution in double-quick time and at a highly
competitive cost.