Qbex - Modular Building Solutions

Qbex has been refined and developed to create industry-leading design and excellent ergonomics.

Dynamic design techniques

Our history in construction and engineering sectors dovetail superbly with that of the provision of modular buildings. Our pioneering drive has been developed and honed to create high reliability and focus to meet the requirements of our clients. With dynamic design techniques, physics and superior methods of construction, allowing us to supply solution-orientated building concepts, our buildings are unrivalled in their field.  Light and welcoming internally, they are robust enough to stand up to the rigours of all working environments.

A flexible solution

It is flexible too, with a unique inter-changeable multi-panel system, and a simple method of allowing the building to be extended without impacting on the daily routine of the users. This system allows the buildings to be assembled and ready for use much more quickly than many other modular companies – and thus at a more competitive price.

Available in a range of colours and finishes

Externally, the steel structure is painted via an electrophoretic deposition (EDP) coating process and available in a range of colours, and the fascia can be offered in a contrasting colour (e.g. for corporate signage). A range of external cladding materials are also available to enhance the overall appearance and create a truly unique facility. For example, we offer a range of 
site-fitted cladding materials such as treated timber panelling, ‘Cedral Weatherboard’ (a cement-based fibre board), ‘Stoneflex’ (aggregate bonded to fibreglass) or render, all directly fixed to the structure. We can also provide a brickwork envelope (onto a prepared foundation).

Key features include

  • Cost effective
  • Space saving
  • Tailor your design to suit your individual needs 
  • Short lead times
  • Offsite construction to limit onsite disruption
  • Long warranty with a quick call out service
  • Turnkey service from design to completion
  • Easy expansion  
  • A team of specialists to guide you through the process