How modular construction works

A two-step process that offers you big benefits

The combination of offsite manufacture and onsite construction is quick and cost-effective

Modular construction is a two-step process that is quicker, cheaper, more efficient and kinder to the environment than traditional building methods, so it’s no surprise that businesses and organisations across the world are increasingly turning to modular construction to fulfil their requirements. Here’s how our modular construction process works:

Step 1 - Offsite Manufacture

First, we build your modular units in a factory – 
this approach ensures that everything can be tightly controlled and organised, which cuts down on costs, savings that we pass onto you. Our units are made of steel then painted, before we put in wiring, piping and other fittings and transport them to your site.

Step 2 - Onsite Construction

When the units are on site our construction teams assemble them according to your requirements. Units are lowered into place by crane one by one to create your building. When the structure of the building is complete, we add features such as stairs and lifts and create internal divisions using partition walls. Lastly, we add your chosen façades and hook up gas, electricity and water before handing you the keys.