Frequently asked questions

Enquiry stage

Q. Why should I consider engaging CIS instead 
of another modular company?

A. As opposed to offering just one product, CIS are unique in offering a wide range of creative off-site solutions, giving our clients the opportunity to choose a building structure specifically suited to their requirements. 

Q. How will I know which option is the 
most suitable solution for my scheme?

A. Our experienced team will assess both the proposed design and the site, and discuss with you the specific uses of the building to help determine the right choice. There may be more than one option from our product range that fits the right criteria, in which case we will provide a detailed assessment as to the variances between them. 

Q. Will I incur any costs when trying to establish the best method?

A. No. CIS are prepared to spend the time needed at no cost, to explore the best option to suit your particular requirements, and produce a summary report identifying the primary benefit of their recommendation. An element of cost would only be incurred once a suitable option has been agreed upon, and a design proposal is requested, 


Q. Are there different external finishes available?

A. The primary structural advantage of all our products is that any finish can be applied - whether it’s weatherboarding, brick, timber, tiles or stone – either directly onto the structure or by using a separate site-applied sub-frame.

Q. Do the lead-in times vary from
one product to another?

A. Yes. For example, the ‘qbex’ product is manufactured in a range of standard sizes, whereas the ‘evolution’ structure is be-spoke designed to suit a specific layout, and as such, will need to be fabricated before it is assembled. Other factors such as the choice of external finishes can influence the delivery / completion time. 


Q. CIS claim to be able to install their ‘qbex’ 
modules in just a couple of weeks, sometimes
even less. How is that achieved?

A. The multi-component format of our modules allows a unique method of delivery to be achieved, as all the modules (up to a maximum of 24 units and the access to the site) arrive on the same day, and are then quickly assembled. This two-step process dramatically reduces the amount of labour required, and the time spent installing the building.


Q. What level of support do I attract upon
completion of the project?

A. Following completion and throughout the negotiable Defects & Liability period, CIS are on hand to regularly check that the building installed, and all associated works undertaken, performed to the high standard expected.